How to use this site

This website has been developed by the Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA), in conjunction with CPA Australia, to assist small businesses in understanding what type of finance best suits their needs.

It includes a range of resources, tips and practical information to help you assess how to obtain finance to start, grow or expand your business.

Explore the links for considerations before applying for a loan, submitting a loan application and how to manage the relationship with your lender once you have a loan.

This information is of a general nature only and is not intended to be relied on as advice. Professional advice should be sought on how this information applies to your circumstances.

The ABA and CPA Australia gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Jan Barned, Director of Financial Management Trainer and the support of the Council of Small Business Australia, the Commercial Asset Finance Brokers Association and the NSW Business Chamber in the development of this website.



Before applying for a loan

Provides an overview of the types of finance available to small business and an interactive module to help you decide the most appropriate finance for your business. 

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Applying for a loan

Outlines what banks look for when considering loan applications and takes you through the information you will be asked to provide in support of your loan application.

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Once you have a loan

Explores the best way to maintain good relationships with your bank so they understand your business and are in the best possible position to provide support when needed.

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