Using an adviser
Before you apply

Using an adviser

An adviser can help you navigate the process.

Using an adviser

The benefits of using an adviser can include:

  • Save time on your loan application process
  • Possibly improving the quality of the loan application (and hence the probability of success)
  • They can provide advice on the most suitable type of finance for your business

You may want to also consider using a business adviser to help with strategy and planning across your business life cycle. Business advisers are usually experienced practitioners within your industry and can help you develop, refine and translate your business plan into one that will appeal to your lenders. Your state chamber of commerce is a good place to start.

If you decide to use an adviser, download our checklist of questions below which you can ask to determine if the adviser is well suited to help with your loan application.

Questions to ask your adviser
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What do the different advisers do?

The role of a small business banker

This video explains how a small business banker can assist in determining the appropriate loan products for your business.

The role of an accountant

This video explains how an accountant can help a small business owner in making decisions about business finance.

The role of a finance broker

This video explains how a business finance broker can assist in arranging finance between business and potential lenders.